Wilson Truccolo, Ph.D. (Director, PI)

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Department of Neuroscience & Carney Institute for Brain Science, Brown University




Research interests:


Theoretical Neuroscience 

Collective neural dynamics and computation in neuronal networks 

Collective neural dynamics in neurological disorders (epilepsy, stroke, ALS, spinal cord injury)


Statistical Neuroscience 

Stochastic processes and random dynamical systems for multi-scale neural dynamics

Subsampling and spatiotemporal coarse graining of collective neural dynamics



Statistical algorithms for closed-loop neuromedical systems:
Tracking, prediction & control of brain dynamics in neurological disorders


The Truccolo Lab has been funded by several sponsors, including NIH-NINDS and the U.S. Department Department of Veterans Affairs. (For a complete list see Funding.)